Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 Running MOTY List

1. John Cena v Shawn Michaels, WWE, 1/12
2. Matt Hardy v Jack Swagger, WWE, 1/13
3. Jack Swagger v Matt Hardy, WWE, 1/25
4. Big Show v MVP, WWE, 1/16
5. John Cena v JBL, WWE, 1/25
6. Finlay v Jack Swagger, WWE, 1/6
7. Jeff Jarrett v Kurt Angle, TNA, 1/11
8. John Cena and Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, WWE, 1/5
9. Big Show v Festus, 1/30
10. Big Show v Triple H, WWE, 1/9
11. Chris Sabin v Alex Shelley, TNA, 1/11
12. John Cena v Shawn Michaels, WWE, 1/26
13. Jeff Hardy v Edge, WWE, 1/25
14. The Miz and John Morrison v Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston, WWE, 1/5

9. Big Show v Festus, WWE, 1/30

When I started watching matches to do a list for the year I sort of set a rule for myself to consider nothing under four minutes. I was watching some Boogeyman squash matches where everything he did looked sensational because they got a local job guy who could bump like crazy for him, and I just figured it’d kind of be unfair to count those matches because they’re so much easier to watch. But you know what? Fuck that rule, because this match wasn’t even three minutes and it was fucking AWESOME. I am “deducting marks” so-to-speak for lack of length, and I really would dig the fuck out of a good twelve minute match with those two, but while this lasts it’s way, way better than those Boogeyman-type squashes I was trying to avoid. Two huge dudes just hammering the crap out of each other for a good couple minutes? Sold! Show’s DDT was awesome, Festus’ corner DDT was less awesome but his punches totally made up for it, and honestly this has left me wanting Jesse and Festus opposite Show and Jericho. Pretty much the perfect way to work a short match, TNA should take notes.

12. John Cena v Shawn Michaels, WWE, 1/26

This is from RAW the night after the Royal Rumble, and I think everyone in the entire company went out and hit lines off of Candice Michelle or something post-Rumble because EVERYONE was off all show. This match definitely doesn’t escape that and coming both off their match with each other two weeks earlier and the emotion charged Rumble title match with both involved, this is just incredibly disappointing. It kind of feels like the weird, retarded lovechild of those two matches. It has the cool ideas and transitions of the first match, such as Shawn countering the Five Knuckle Shuffle into a crossface, only it’s just about the worst crossface I’d ever seen to that point (it was that kind of night). It was building to the same storyline advancement hot finish, and it was a pretty great finish, but the body of the match wasn’t as good as that match’s. So it’s really the retarded lovechild however that’s kind of like giving Ryan Gosling and Megan Fox a retarded lovechild. Sure it’s retarded, but it’s also probably still hotter than 90% of the people in the world. I… don’t really think that analogy works, but what I’m going for is that the first two matches were so good that even the stupid mash-up of them is just good enough to make the list. Also can someone tell me why Shawn refuses to get hair plugs? I could pretty much see straight up scalp when Cena had the STF on. I mean Jesus, I can’t possibly imagine staring at that nonsense in HD.

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