Thursday, April 1, 2010

WrestleMania 23 is the first one of these things I actually watched live. I mean I wasn’t there but you know what I mean.

I really, really like the all grown up theme and video packages for this show. Also really like the return to the stadium setting. Ford Field looks fucking gigantic. It is, but that’s what you want to convey. Looks way better than a fancy set for a RAW. Not sure why they insist on really blue lights for the big stadium shows though, both this one and XXV were extremely blue.

This show has such a weird card, like, fucking MITB is fourth biggest for fuck’s sakes. And your main event is Lashley/Umaga, which, celebrity involvement aside, always gets ‘…’ responses when I tell people. Still I remember really liking this show. LET’S SEE ABOUT THAT.

I will always love King Booker because when he’d come out, my sister (who absolutely hates wrestling) would start screaming “I hate that man!” and not like I want to spite her or anything but that’s a job well done, you know?

Always happy to see CM Punk doing, well, anything, but his first ‘Mania is cool.

Edge’s hair looks fucking horrendous.

Jeff Hardy v King Booker v Finlay v CM Punk v Mr. Kennedy v Matt Hardy v Randy Orton v Edge

This was okay… you had some really spectacular spots but there was nothing tying them together, it was just spot spot spot and between the spots it was everyone laying around. You have eight guys, why there ever downtime? Worst of all this was just way too ‘cute’ for me to really like it. Still Hardy going through Edge on the ladder, the whole Kennedy/Hornswoggle bit, and Punk taking an RKO off the ladder were fucking awesome. But then you have shit like the dumb Finlay dive (coming from a Finlay fan) and Matt threatening Booker’s wife with a FINISHING MOVE which causes Booker to give up on the title. So I don’t know. Wasn’t bad or anything but this isn’t my thing.


Condemned promo which got skipped, then a pretty good Mr. Kennedy interview. Kind of a shame he never really went anywhere. But he would have needed to get a lot better at the same time. But oh well.

Kane not coming to the ring with his big ol’ hook and chain was pretty disappointing.

Kane v The Great Khali

Hey it’s a big man spectacle and those are always fun and the chain came out and yeah okay this wasn’t very good. Better than it should have been probably, and I quite like Khali’s cocky one foot pin, but uh, yeah. Not really any noticeably worse than some of the ‘big’ matches on the past few shows but that doesn’t make it good, either.


Fucking beyond wacky segment this whole backstage dance party was. Not that I’m complaining about the ECW Dancing Troupe in shirts that show tit and stomach.

MVP’s entrance makes MVP seem like a big, important deal. LOL

A sign in the audience says “Chris Benoit, WWE’S TRUE MVP”. LOL

Chris Benoit v MVP


*a week passes*

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd this is where I finished, turns out. Cool!