Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 MOTY List

1. John Cena v Rey Mysterio v Chris Jericho v Edge v Kane v Mike Knox, WWE, 2/15
2. John Cena v Shawn Michaels, WWE, 1/12
3. Matt Hardy v Jack Swagger, WWE, 1/13
4. Jack Swagger v Matt Hardy, WWE, 1/25
5. Edge v Triple H v Undertaker v Jeff Hardy v Big Show v Vladimir Kozlov, WWE, 2/15
6. John Cena v Chris Jericho, WWE, 2/2
7. Jack Swagger v Finlay, WWE, 2/3
8. Big Show v MVP, WWE, 1/16
9. John Cena v JBL, WWE, 1/25
10. Finlay v Jack Swagger, WWE, 1/6
11. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry vs Christian & Finlay, 2/17
12. Randy Orton v Shane McMahon, WWE, 2/15
13. Jeff Jarrett v Kurt Angle, TNA, 1/11
14. Jack Swagger v Christian, WWE, 2/10
15. The Miz & John Morrison & The Brian Kendrick v Primo & Carlito & R-Truth, WWE, 2/6
16. Shawn Michaels v JBL, WWE, 2/15
17. John Cena & Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho & Randy Orton, WWE, 1/5
18. Edge & Big Show v Triple H & Undertaker, WWE, 2/6
19. Big Show v Festus, 1/30
20. Big Show v Triple H, WWE, 1/9
21. Randy Orton v Undertaker, WWE, 2/9
22. Chris Sabin v Alex Shelley, TNA, 1/11
23. Jack Swagger v Finlay, WWE, 2/15
24. John Cena v Shawn Michaels, WWE, 1/26
25. Triple H v Undertaker v Big Show v Vladimir Kozlov, WWE, 2/13

OFF. Jeff Hardy v Edge, WWE, 1/25

11. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry vs Christian & Finlay, 2/17

So Jack Swagger at this point is pretty clearly rapidly becoming one of the best wrestlers in WWE (when I say ‘at this point’ I tend to mean at the point of the match itself, I’m like six months behind now). Finlay is a guy who will hit you hard in the face and it is awesome. He’s had several very good to excellent matches with Swagger. Mark Henry is an athletic giant who is one of the absolute SMARTEST workers around. I named this damn blog after him, and he makes a nice little team with Swagger. He’s also had several good matches with Finlay at this point. Then you have Christian, who came back to WWE and completely randomly was super fucking awesome. Like instantly becoming Swagger’s running buddy for fastest riser in WWE. And this match is only his second match back! But you throw these four together in a tag team match on ECW and give it some time and you pretty much expect it to be good. That’s the nice thing about ECW, what sounds good is going to BE good, and what doesn’t sound good is probably going to be good anyway. This is completely the opposite of RAW where you get something that sounds like it’s going to be fucking awesome and it sucks just like everything else. But that criticism will become more prevalent over the course of the year, as of February RAW was still awesome, and so was this match. Nothing super spectacular but a real good little tag match with four real good guys. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with getting exactly what you’d expect.

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